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Meg Munn MP - Sheffield Heeley's voice in Parliament | Welcome
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Meg in training

Thursday, January 12, 2006

As part of The People’s Movement, Sheffield’s Physical Activity Revolution, Heeley MP Meg Munn shares her journal as she tries to stay motivated and physically active during the festive period, and prepares to run the ‘Race for Life’ in April.


Meg’s Physical Activity Journal


I enjoy playing many different sports, but my favorite is to swim. It’s something you can do by yourself, and as long as the pool is open, you can go when you want.


17 Dec - I usually swim about 40 lengths, but with Christmas coming up, and a large Christmas Day lunch on the horizon, I’m trying to swim a little bit further.  Manage 60 lengths.


19 Dec - Swim 60 lengths again.


20 Dec - I travel to Brighton to celebrate the first Civil Partnerships tomorrow, so decide to walk from the station to the hotel, rather than take the bus or a taxi.  The hotel has a small pool, so I manage to get in another quick swim.


21 Dec - Walk to the station after celebrating Civil Partnerships. I’m tempted to get a taxi as it looks like rain, but make it on foot as the first drops start to fall.


22 Dec - Manage 70 lengths at pool in anticipation of extra chocolate at Christmas.


24 & 25 Dec - Go to Church 3 times in less than 24 hours - its half a mile away so the three miles walk should have done the body good while church looked after my soul!


Large Christmas lunch leaves me feeling like I will never move again!  The short walk to the church earlier is my only physical activity of the day.  Determined not to feel bad about this - tomorrow is another day!


26 Dec - The pool is not open so decide there is no excuse not to go for a run.  I complete 2 miles, with a short rest for 5 minutes at the bus shelter conveniently located near to home.


28 & 31 Dec - The pool is now open so I get back to swimming.  I will start doing some jogging and running in preparation for the ‘Race for Life’ in April.


2 Jan - Buy some new running shoes in the sale to take to London. 


3 Jan - Back to work in my Sheffield office today, and taking swimming kit with me so I can call in for a swim on the way home.  Manage 40 lengths and think I may be on the road to losing any extra pounds gained over Christmas.


The People’s Movement - Sheffield’s Physical Activity Revolution


The People’s Movement is promoted by Active Sheffield, a partnership consisting of Sheffield City Council, Sheffield First for Health and well-being, Sheffield Hallam University and other agencies.  It aims to reduce health inequalities across the city, and promote active lifestyles.


The campaign aims to show that being physically active is not just about joining a gym.  Normal, everyday activities, such as walking the dog, doing housework, or taking the stairs instead of the lift, can contribute to people’s health and well being, and play a part in reducing levels of coronary heart disease, obesity and diabetes in the city.


Don’t forget, there is still time for you to submit your New Year’s Physical Activity Resolution on line at www.thepeoplesmovement.co.uk, for a chance to win a year’s free membership at Vital Spa & Leisure at the new Macdonald St. Paul’s Hotel Sheffield.   Closing date for entries is 18th January 2006.


Race for Life

  • *Race for Life 2006 takes place in Sheffield on 9th April.  For more information please visit www.Raceforlife.org   

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